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Garage Automation

With Garage Automation, you will be able to sense and control your Garage Door.  With this feature you will be able to

* Open the Garage Door using a Control4 Remote or the Control4 App

* Ability to know when your garage door is opened or closed

* Ability to be notified when the garage door opens

* Ability to automatically turn on the lights when the garage door opens at night

* Ability to change the color of a Philips Hue bulb when the garage door is open for too long *

* Ability to automatically close the garage door after a certain time


Door Locks

With Smart Door Locks, not only do you free yourself from keys, but you free yourself from worrying about leaving the door unlock.  With Smart Door Locks, you can

   - Automatically lock your door after a certain period of time

   - Ability to see from the Control4 app if the door lock is locked or unlocked

   - Ability the last action performed on the door lock such as manually locked or unlocked by a specific user

   - Ability to add codes for your various guest

   - Ability to allow your guest to use their code during certain periods of time

   - Receive notifications when the door is locked or unlocked

Security System Integration

With Control4 security integration, you can now automate your home based on the sensors from your security system.  You can even perform certain actions if the alarm is triggered

   - Ability to perform actions based on your door and window sensors

   - Ability to arm and disarm from your Control4 App

   - Ability to perform actions when the alarm is armed and disarmed 

   - Ability to turn off your HVAC when you open a window to let in some fresh air *

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* Some features require additional products


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