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Outdoor Living



Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV's have always been significantly more expensive than their indoor counterpart.  But with SunbrightTV, you can now get a 4K TV without breaking the bank.  All TV models are completely waterproof which means you can hose your TV down (if you have nothing else to do).  SunbrightTV's comes in three options


  • Veranda: This 4K TV requires full shade and is best suited for under Patios, Porches, or a Sunroom.

  • Signature: This 4K TV requires partial shade and is best suited for under Pergolas or partially shades areas

  • Pro: This 4K TV requires no shade and can literally be put in the middle of your yard


Outdoor Audio

Who doesn't like their music playing outside while cooking out?  Well with Outdoor Audio, not only can you blast your tunes using outdoor surface mount speakers, satellite speakers, or rock speakers, you can also pump up the bass with the burial outdoor subwoofer.  Now that is what I call bass

Automated Roller Shades

No that you have Audio and Video taken care of, it is time to work on getting that sun under control.  With Automated Outdoor Roller Shades, you can now control your shade with a push of a button or even your voice.  You can even create a scene to create the perfect TV movie viewing environment. The possibilities are endless

Outdoor Movie Screen

Who says you cannot have a movie theater in your backyard?  With an outdoor projection screen and a compact projector, you can now stream your favorites movies on a 100"+ screen.  

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