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Araknis Router

Araknis routers not only improve your speed, but they allow you to perform certain tasks that ensure your network will not only be secure, but fast.

  • Create VLANS to separate your network

  • Ability to upgrade your router with new features

  • Ability to add patches to your router to make it more secure as new vulnerabilities arrive  

  • Araknis and OvrC allow your customers to filter and customize their location’s network content. Multiple filter levels range from basic malware protection to advanced content filtering, so customers can choose one that best fits their family.

Araknis Wireless Access Point (WAP)

With Araknis WAP's, you will get the coverage you need with the speeds you need.  With your choice of different WAP's, you can get the speed and reliability you require at an affordable price

  • Ability to place the WAP in the location that works best for your home

  • Ability to upgrade the WAP with new features and update vunerabilities


Araknis Switches

Reboot Without a Truck Roll

Cycle the power on your PoE devices from anywhere, anytime. OvrC allows you to name, configure, and control each individual port on a PoE-capable switch for precise control.


Check the Network's Statistics

Know what's going on in real time! Get detailed stats per port, including switch connection status, link speed, power consumption, and data sent and received. More information means speedy remote troubleshooting.

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