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Smart Lighting Control



With Smart Lighting, you have the power to control your lights from anywhere.  You can:

  • Control your lights from the comfort of your bed

  • Have the ability to control a light across the room with a keypad

  • Control your lights with your voice *

  • Automate when your lights turn on and off based on time of day

  • Automatically turn on and off your lights using motion sensors *

  • Turn on your lights at night when you open your front door or your garage door *

Energy Savings

Smart lighting provides you with energy savings that regular light switches do not provide.  

  • By ramping your lights on and off, you can effectively prolong  the life of your bulbs.  

  • You can also turn your lights on to 80%

  • You can automatically turn off a light after a preset time


Security is always something we worry about.  But we never realize how smart lighting can help make sure you are safe and secure in your home.  

  • Automatically turn on and off your outdoor lights

  • Program your house to look lived in while you are on vacation

  • Automatically turn on all your lights in your house when the security alarm goes off *

Some ideas on how smart lighting can provide you with security

   - Automatically turn on and off your outside lights to provide safety around your home

   - When using garage sensors, you can program your smart lights to turn on when you open your garage dorr to avoid entering a dark home

   - When using motion sensors, you can turn on a lighting path to ensure there is enough light when waking up in the middle of the night

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* Some features require additional products


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